The Mile High Wing (Denver) Staff

The CAF HQ website:
You can see a lot without logging in. Log in with your Col# and you can also go to the “members only” area.


The CAF Operations website:
You can go there directly, or with a link from the HQ Members Only area. There are a lot of good training courses and safety information.

Current Wing Staff (Catch-all Email)


Wing Leader:
Col Jay Gates


Executive Officer:
Col Doug Eastman


Adjutant Officer:
Col Carl Ellison


Recruiting Officer:


Finance Officer:
Col Jack Stell


Maintenance Officer:
Col Dan Bishop


Operations Officer:
Col George Madok


Safety Officer:
Col Mike Baird


PX Officer:
Col Stan Hanson (acting)


Marketing & Public Affairs Officer:
Col Greg Kyle


Education Officer:
Col Emmett Dowling