Our Mission Plan


2017 – 2019
Approved: February 11, 2017


Aircraft and Hangar Facilities at
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Broomfield, Colorado

Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 471596 - Aurora, CO 80047-1596

Wing Leader Contact Info: 720-255-8027

Web: www.milehighwing.org

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The Commemorative Air Force is a 501(c) 3 organization


MHW Staff Members

Wing Leader: Jay C Gates

Executive Officer: Doug Eastman

Adjutant Officer: Carl Ellison

Operations Officer: George Madok

Maintenance Officer: Dan Bishop

Finance Officer: Vacant

Recruiting Officer: Jay Gates

Safety Officer: Dan Bishop

PX Officer: Stan Hanson

Public Information Officer: Greg Kyle




MHW Objectives to meet the CAF’s Goals


Goal #1

Objective 1: Maintain an airworthy SNB-5 for public viewing and riding.

Objective 2: Train, qualify, and maintain a reliable pilot corps and crew.

Objective 3: Continuously work to make the SNB-5 more authentic to its history.

Objective 4: Acquire additional warbirds as membership, facilities, and funding permit.


Goal #2

Objective 1: Work closely with the Denver Metro area in establishing a permanent ground base and hangar for the Wing.

Objective 2: Attend airport meetings open to the tenants, on airport issues and plans.

Objective 3: Build a comfortable, safe, and beautiful facility for members and visitors.

Objective 4: Be a leader in the Denver warbird community by working together with our youth through education.


Goal #3

Objective 1: Attend as many functions; fly-ins, air shows, special events as feasible through the year to educate the American public on the CAF mission.

Objective 2: Assign Wing members responsibilities to speak to the public about Air Power Heritage, the CAF, and the Wing.


Goal #4

Objective 1: Recruit a minimum of 5 new members a year.

Objective 2: Actively seek funds, through PX sales, rides, contributions, sponsorships, and donations.

Objective 3: Provide a positive Wing membership environment.

Wing Focus Areas

  • A Fully Functional Hangar and Office
  • Maintaining Aircraft Airworthiness
  • Pilot Training and Currency
  • Recruiting New Members
  • Fund Raising and New Sponsorships

What it Takes To Run the MHW

  • Effective Leadership
  • Strong Membership and Volunteerism
  • Efficient Wing Staff
  • Dedicated Aircraft Maintenance Staff
  • Focused Facilities Staff
  • Professional Training Staff
  • Qualified, Current, and Professional Flight Crews


  • Finding a suitable permanent facility.
  • Volunteerism will be substantially easier as the majority of the current membership live in the Denver area.
  • Selling of a large Beech 18 spare parts inventory.


  • Denver Airports provide a significant opportunity for expansion and growth.
  • There is a large warbird community in Denver.


  • The Denver community and State will support CAF activities.
  • Membership will increase with a flying airplane and hangar facility.

Growth Options:

  • Course of Action #1: Establish a quality base of operations for new members and aircraft.
  • Course of Action #2: Have a trained and qualified flying staff to grow from.
  • Course of Action #3: Reach out to the surrounding communities for new events and projects.
  • Course of Action #4: Acquiring a single engine airplane for training purposes.


    • Hangar space availability and funding
    • Storage of equipment and spare parts
    • Aircraft age
    • Membership growth and availability
  • Buildup of spare engine
  • Buying a van to replace PX trailer

2014 Unit Awards

  • Outstanding Maintenance Awards for Dan Bishop & Gary Winder

Standing Committees

    • Aircraft & Tour Scheduling
    • Finance & Fundraising
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Nomination & Election

Wing Plans

    • MHW Mission Plan J. Gates
    • Marketing & Communication Plan: Greg Kyle
    • Finance Plan: J. Gates
    • Training Plan C. Ellison
    • Maintenance Plan: D. Bishop
    • Safety and Emergency Action Plan: D. Eastman
    • Aircraft Scheduling & Tour Plan: J. Gates/G. Kyle

MHW Meeting Schedules

    • Monthly Membership Meetings 3rd Saturday of the Month
    • Staff Meetings As Scheduled
    • Ground Schools & Ground Training March/April

CAF Conferences/Meetings

  • General Staff Meetings: October/December
  • CAF Wing Staff Meeting: March 2019

Colorado Air Events Attended in 2017

  • Warbird and Auto Show Watkins, CO May
  • Ft Collins Memorial Day Tribute Ft Collins, CO May
  • 1940s Ball Boulder, CO June
  • Longmont Airport Open House Longmont, CO June
  • Erie Spirit of Flight Day Erie, CO July
  • Erie Air Fair Days Erie, CO August
  • United Airlines Benefit Broomfield, CO August
  • Steamboat Air Fest Steamboat, CO September
  • Cars and Colors Telluride, CO September
  • Christmas 40’s Ball Broomfield, CO December

Financial Statement

After nearly 5 years with a grounded airplane, in 2015, the SoNoran Beauty took to the skies with a new right engine. With hard work, lots of volunteerism and new pilots the MHW had its first full flying season in 2016. Prior to this time the PX or store provided most of the funding for the Wing, which was limited but effective in paying most of the annual Wing’s operating expenses.


In 2016, attending 18 events throughout the State of Colorado, the MHW generated 31 paid rides. The PX generated over $11,000 in sales with general donations exceeding $3800. Approximately 300 people visited and toured through the SNB-5 which contributed additional funds for the care and maintenance of the aircraft, funds greatly needed to keep a 74 year old airplane flying. The CAF is a 501(c) 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.


It is the Wing’s goal to increase the operating revenue by 25% and can only be done through sponsorships, contributions and the generosity of the public. That generosity will provide the needed funds for upgrades, wear and tear maintenance, and training. If feasible, the SNB-5 will extend its visibility and the CAF message outside the borders of Colorado providing additional revenue for the Wing.


The MHW is a healthy and vibrant organization capable of great things. Volunteerism is the backbone of the Wing but without sponsorships and donations the SNB would be just another static museum piece.

Aircraft and Support Equipment Projections

  1. Updating GPS and navigation panel
  2. Adding ADS-B as mandated by the FAA before 2020
  3. Additional cleaning, polishing, and some painting
  4. Upgrading aircraft tug
  5. Installing new cabin side panels and insulation
  6. Recalibrating engine instruments
  7. Mandatory Inspection of propeller