Remaining Mile High Wing Tour Stops for 2017

The Mile High Wing's remaining 2017 Tour Schedule:

September 1st - 3rd - Wild West Air Fest, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

September 10th - United Air Lines Private Event, Broomfield, Colorado

September 15th - 17th - Montrose Airport Appreciation, Montrose, Colorado

September 22nd - 24th - Telluride Cars & Colors, Telluride, Colorado (aircraft only)

September 22nd - 24th - Warbirds Over the Rockies R/C Show (PX Tent only)

September 25th - 29th - Gulf Coast Wing B-17  "Texas Raiders", Denver Tour Stop (static only)

September 29th - October 1st - Grand Junction Air Show, Grand Junction, Colorado

Send us an email if you have an event that you'd like to schedule the SoNoran Beauty to appear! We'd love to talk to air shows, event coordinators or any one who has a show appearance in mind for the rest of this year or any time for the 2018 Tour Season!

Contact Wing Leader Col Jay Gates by emailing at today!