We will fly around Colorado and make people smile!

Our Mile High Wing, SNB-5 from 1943 will be flying with up to 30+ private planes tomorrow, many warbirds, to raise funds for relief efforts and to honor health care workers, like my mother was for 50 years. Enjoy this late morning tomorrow (Thursday)! See map / schedule below…

May 14, 2020 Goodwill Denver Flight Details

May 14, 2020 Goodwill Denver Flight

TOT – LOCAL BJC 39.91N/105.11W 39543427/-105063818 1125
A Lutheran 39.76N/105.09W 39460328/-105051707
B St. Anthony’s 39.72N/105.13W 39425922/-105074655
C Columbine HS 39.60N/105.07W 39361337/-105042683
D Highlands Ranch 39.55N/105.03W 39330183/-105013735
E Sedalia 39.44N/104.97W 39261660/-104575464
F Castle Rock Star 39.38N/104.85W 39224458/-104511703 1141
G South Parker 39.44N/104.76W 39262231/-104453503
H Parker Football Field 39.50N/104.81W 39295880/-104484244
I Sky Ridge Hospital 39.53N/104.87W 39314524/-104521650
J Valor Christian H.S. 39.54N/104.944W 39322471/-104564139
K Littleton Adventist 39.58N/104.99W 39343346/-104591065
L Craig Hospital 39.65N/104.98W 39391435/-104584127
M Denver Health 39.74N/104.99W 39442081/-104591426 1149
N United FTC 39.76N/104.90W 39454880/-104540473
O Anschutz 39.74N/104.83W 39444032/-104495579
P Buckley AFB Initial 39.73N/104.76W 39433111/-104460197 1152
Q Southlands Mall 39.59N/104.71W 39355481/-104421995
R Cherry Creek Trail 39.67N/104.89W 39402980/-104533699
S Fairmount Cemetary 39.71N/104.90W 39421837/-104534602
T Wings 39.72N/104.90W 39431516/-104534284
U Thorton Town Ctr. 39.89N/104.99W 39530820/-104591364
V Erie Air Park 40.01N/105.05W 40003839/-105031287
W Parkland 40.07N/105.03W 40041418/-105013303
X Longmonth HS 40.10N/105.14W 40103518/-105071151
Y Niwot HS 40.10N/105.16W 40061142/-105083669
Z CU Boulder 40.00N/105.27W 40002291/-105155812
BJC 39.91N/105.11W 39543427/-105063818 1215

Distinguished Unit Award – 2019

We are all looking forward to flying again and having WWII aviation fans join us in the skies of blue on our SNB-5. Until then, all of our volunteers will enjoy basking in the glow of this award from the Commemorative Air Force HQ!